Western Pennsylvania

Professional Horsemens Association


Chairman - Charlene Michael

Vice Chairman - Mary Gamble
Secretary - Gretchen Zavarella

Treasurer - John Ham

It's that time of year again!  Time to check your points for accuracy.  Please keep in mind that we only upload what is sent to us from a show, so if there is a discrepancy, we need to go back to the horse show management and research each situation. THE DEADLINE FOR POINTS DISPUTES IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 31ST 5:00PM EST.  The WPaPHA however reserves the right amend results for errors discovered by shows or internally until the day of the Banquet.  Email as much detail as possible to:  lldavis9000@aol.com
Calling all Junior Members of the PHA!  Our Secretary Gretchen Zavarella is brinign back this great opportunity for fun and learning.  Please see the above PDF file for more information.

The Junior PHA is off to a great start! We had our first meeting and discussed all kinds of boots and wraps for our horses legs. The girls did a great job and I'm excited for our next meeting! Which will be on Sunday May 18th at 2:30pm at Winstar Show Stables. This is Spencer Turnblacers's new location. The address is 43 Gunther Road Cheswick, PA 15024. Please let Gretchen know if any juniors plan on attending or participating so we can add your to our Jr PHA group!
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The Western Pennsylvania Professional Horsemen's Association is organized for the following purposes:
To meet and serve the specialized need of professional horsemen, exhibitors and supporters in our area.
To promote good sportsmanship and ethical conduct among all members of the Association.
To create a healthy environment for young people with emphasis on learning responsibility, self discipline and self-initiative.
To encourage all members to play an active role in the Association and to promote a feeling of camaraderie among all horse people.
To sponsor such educational activities as forums, clinics, movies and the publication of informative articles.
To raise the quality of local horse shows.
To improve the local caliber of horses and riders, to make them competitive at the national level.

Welcome to Western Pennsylvania's PHA Organization.

We are a chapter of the National PHA.



Rules and Election Meeting!

Monday October 20, 7:00pm

Atria's Fox Chapel